• Some 805 million people around the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy life (World Food Programme).
  • In 2013, 49.1 million Americans lived in food insecure households (USDA Economic Research Service).
  • WFP calculates that US$3.2 billion is needed per year to reach all 66 million hungry school-age children (World Food Programme)
  • By 2050 hunger and child malnutrition could increase by up to 20 percent as a result of climate-related disasters. (World Food Programme)
  • Hunger also weakens the immune system. Deprived of the right nutrition, hungry children are especially vulnerable and become too weak to fight off disease and may die from common infections like measles and diarrhea. Each year, almost 7 million children die before reaching the age of five; malnutrition is a key factor in over a third of these deaths (source: Levels and Trends in Child Mortality, IGME, 2012)


  • In the U.S., the 2014 volunteer rate was 25.3%. About 62.8 million people volunteered through or for an organization at least once during the year (Bureau of Labor Statistics).
  • Globally, 140 million people engage in volunteer work in a typical year, contributing $400 million to the global economy (John Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies)
  • Volunteers have a better chance of finding a job after being out of work than non-volunteers (United Way)
  • Volunteers have a better chance of finding a job after being out of work than non-volunteers (United Way)


  • With its inception in 1969, the CROP Hunger Walk is “viewed by many as the granddaddy of charity walks” (Los Angeles Times, Oct. 26, 2009). In the last two decades alone, over five million people have participated in over 36,000 CROP Hunger Walks.
  • CROP Hunger Walks help to support the overall work of CWS, especially grassroots, hunger-fighting development efforts around the world. In addition, each local CROP Walk can return up to 25% of the funds it raises to hunger-fighting programs in its own community.
  • CROP Hunger Walks are community-wide events sponsored by Church World Service and organized by religious groups, businesses, schools and others to raise funds to end hunger in the U.S. and around the world
        • 1,300 walks per year
        • 116K participants
        • $12 million raised



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